Demons are horrifying creatures from the Underworld, taking many forms and possessing many abilities and motivations. Though intrinsically evil, not all demons wish to serve their lords, or even harm mortals.


Since demons are spirit beings, they don’t possess souls. The material forms they take are more often than not horrifying, with them possessing claws, fangs, leathery skin, horns, and other unsettling features. A few are able to blend in with humans by using magic, but devout people always seem to have an aversion to them, no matter the lengths they go to.


Demons thrive on suffering of all varieties, and many have particular tastes. The legions of Arufel, for instance, take great pleasure in torture, and the Priestesses of Morticia are powerful succubi. Demons that abandon their evil ways and look to do some good in the world are seen as traitors of the highest order and often hunted by their former lords.


Demon society is complex and rarely understood by even the demons. To the best our knowledge it resembles feudalism or city states, with various factions vying over influence of the underworld.

Notable Demons

Brother Steve O’Hell


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