Vampires. Why Vampires?
Its a great time! Until you die.

I cant really talk about what happened first. But lets just say someone fought in a club. Noah won because the other guy broke his own arm. He gave his reason for why he didn’t kill anyone. We had a tendency to believe him, and made our way to the next local.

It starts off with the group looking into the death of a local councilperson who had his blood drained. Like three other victims, two of which the group looked into already. It came down to checking the mans study and bedroom.

Noah, in wolf form, discovers that there was a tiny drop of blood at some stage. While it had been washed away fairly well, his wolf senses were better. We discovered that the Councilperson had some hand written letter, from who, we didn’t know. But we also found some medication. Which Invictus realized was blood pressure pills that had a incredibly high dosage.

We then headed to the morgue to check out the body. Discovering that

Once we had figured that out, we took some time to head to the business managers place. The house was empty, and we searched the place as quickly as we could, finding his personal computer and a safe. Discovering the combination to the safe written on some fairly well hidden paper in the room, and opening it. Inside was some documents, a rack of test tubes.

Didn’t take long to discover that there was similar blood pressure medication in the Business mans bathroom.

Moving on from there, we decided to head back to the office and do some investigating into the notes, blood and other things. We also had Stephen look into talking to the ghosts of the victims.

The Hunter told us it was a sickly looking individual who killed him. It was fast.

The Business men told us that he had worked on creating synthetic vampires. They had little to no success. He told us that subject #36 was the only one who ever showed any kind of actual advancement.

We talked to the councilor, while we didn’t get much out of him, we discovered that he and the business man worked for the agency. (Yes, that is there actual name)

The next thing we did, was call the boss lady and inform her of this development. She offered us triple the payment.

We had Stan Lee from down the street who ran a magic store. Purchasing a tracking device we started to make our way toward this hiding place.

We discovered that it was a building filled with depression and junkies.

It didn’t take to long to find what we were looking for. This half mummy half vampire creature, looking like a demon of some kind.

It attacked Stephan, and tore him a new breathing hole. Noah in his wolf form rushed toward the creature, cutting into it with his claws. Then shit hit the fan.

Taking a shot, aiming for the creatures leg, Invictus miss fired. The bullet soaring wildly and ripping through the left hand of Noah. Crippling it.

The creature ran after Stephan, attempting to kill him. Luckily, Noahs teeth worked just as effectively as they always had. Though Invictus made amends for almost destroying Noah’s life.

running up to the creature his Katana raised, he slicked the creatures arm straight off. It lay there, unable to move.

Making the call to the boss lady, some of her goons came to take the body. The goons told the group to go talk to The Mistress. Invictus went to talk to her. Because both of his comrades were injured.

Arriving outside of a rather expensive looking brothel, Invictus talked to the lady outside, telling her seductively, that he was hired by her to help with the vampires problems.

He was focused on his work, and didnt notice the billiard that pegged him right in the nuts as he was walked through a room. Though his armor protected the actual pain.

The Boss lady seemed happy that he had brought the Synth vamp in alive. She paid him, and asked for the cards back.

He took the cash and left the cards, heading back to the office and paid everyone.

While this was happening, Stephan was helping Noah, by making a potion that would heal his hand. There was some minor fiddling. But they got it sorted out.

And that was where the session ended.

Glade Investigations Finds a Rat!
Session 1 (Feb 13, 2016)

Some newcomers to the supernatural scene of Steelton have begun to make a name for themselves. A group of hunters called Glade Investigations has helped local pub owner Greg Halstein, owner of “The Drag”, with a pest problem. As they discovered, there were alchemically mutated ratmen burrowing all throughout the city.

After a few encounters with the beasts, they managed to gather enough evidence to find the culprit, a local alchemist by the name Mathew. The group was tasked my the Enforcers to bring him in. The investigators managed to enter the house and detain him with only one shot fired. A neighbor later told the police that she saw some strange people leave the house shortly afterward carrying some boxes, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The sleuths were seen later that night enjoying complementary steak sandwiches and Gregs top-shelf whiskey on the house, as they refused to take payment. Hopefully this doesn’t end up costing our favorite pub owner more than their usual rates.


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