Polk County, WA

Polk County, WA is located in the mountains of central Washington. The population is 21,782, with most of the population residing in the neighboring towns of Hatfield and McCoy. The primary industries are lumber and summer tourism. It is a hot spot of supernatural activity due to the presence of a mana well and an old nuclear testing site.


Hatfield was founded in 1892 as a lumber camp. Of the two towns, Hatfield has the more prosperous citizens, though that is changing with the recent drop is lumber demand.

Linwood Lumber Mill

The main employer of Hatfield, the Mill is the main source of income of the towns. It has recently lost business due to increased lumber imports from Canada. This has many people worried that mass layoffs or closure will wreck the economy. The foreman of the mill is Clementine Jackson, a no-nonsense skeptic of a woman who keeps the mill running at peak efficiency. The owners of the mill are the Linwood family, the richest family in the entire county.

Buck’s Roadhouse

The local watering hole, Buck’s has been run by a succession of Buck Corbin’s for over 80 years. Currently operated by Buck Corbin III, the establishment always seems to be doing better than you’d think. There are rumors that Buck is somehow affiliated with organized crime, but nobody has been able to pin anything on him.

Hatfield High

Built in the 50’s, Hatfield High School has many rumors and legends surrounding it. One of the most popular involves a girl who murdered the prom queen by cutting off her face and wearing it before she committed suicide. Legend says that she can be seen roaming the halls after dark, and will cut of the face of anybody too pretty or popular.

The Gazette

The local newspaper, reporting all local events and gossip. It’s also responsible for the late night paranormal talk show on local radio. Both are overseen by Editor in Chief Molly Zeitung, a relentless reporter with a knack for getting to the bottom of investigations.


Founded in 1892, McCoy has had a rivalry with Hatfield since its founding.

McCoy Public Library

One of the oldest buildings in town, the public library struggles to remain in good condition. Most of the books are work and the building has signs of water damage and mold. Notable is the large collection of occult books, which were anonymously donated shortly after its founding.

McCoy Theater

A combination stage and screen theater. Keeps a balance of local theater and new films.

Deb’s All-Night Diner

A 50’s style diner, run by the friendly (though nocturnal) Deb. It’s the best restaurant in town, but too low-brow for the upper classes.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office & Courthouse

The oldest building in town, the courthouse and police station serve the judicial needs of the entire county. It only has a small jail and a couple dozen employees,

Fairview Mall

A poorly advised construction, the Fairview mall was intended to serve the growing tourist population. It hasn’t done terribly well, but the locals enjoy having a variety of specialty shops.

Other Locations

Barrel Lake

A moderate sized mountain lake with a small island in the middle. Popular among tourists and locals, teens are known to sneak on to the island at night and party. Local fishermen tell stories of a lake monster.

Polk County, WA

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