Extra Terrestrials

Earth is not the only planet to produce life. Several advanced alien races have visited earth, and have their own plans for what to do with humanity…


Nordics appear human, usually tall, blonde, and athletic. Nordics are master manipulators and are known to infiltrate human societies.


Reptilians are 6-7’ tall lizard-like humanoids. They worship their blood god with human sacrifices and strive to bring war to Earth when the time is right.


Greys are small, hairless humanoids with large dark eyes and pale grey skin. They are most often encountered abducting humans or livestock for experimentation.


Stalkers are 7’ tall monstrous humanoids with mandible-like mouths and hair-like tendrils. Stalkers only visit Earth to hunt.


Pleiadians are psychic beings who manifest as clouds of pale blue light. They never discuss their goals, but usually work against other the other races.


Mantids are 5-6’ tall mantis-like beings. They seem to have some kind of sway over the other races, seemingly the only beings that can get the other races to cooperate.


Devourerers are mindless, amorphous blobs that range in size from a golf ball to a small house. Their only concern is feeding and replicating.

Extra Terrestrials

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