Glade Investigations Finds a Rat!

Session 1 (Feb 13, 2016)

Some newcomers to the supernatural scene of Steelton have begun to make a name for themselves. A group of hunters called Glade Investigations has helped local pub owner Greg Halstein, owner of “The Drag”, with a pest problem. As they discovered, there were alchemically mutated ratmen burrowing all throughout the city.

After a few encounters with the beasts, they managed to gather enough evidence to find the culprit, a local alchemist by the name Mathew. The group was tasked my the Enforcers to bring him in. The investigators managed to enter the house and detain him with only one shot fired. A neighbor later told the police that she saw some strange people leave the house shortly afterward carrying some boxes, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The sleuths were seen later that night enjoying complementary steak sandwiches and Gregs top-shelf whiskey on the house, as they refused to take payment. Hopefully this doesn’t end up costing our favorite pub owner more than their usual rates.


scott_wabel scott_wabel

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